People Everywhere are Switching to Hybrid

switching to hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Switching to a hybrid has more benefits than you can imagine. Not only does it save on your fuel bill, but it helps keep the environment clean by lowering emissions. Did you know that many Toyota models are available in Hybrid or EV (electric vehicle) trims? That’s right! You can get many of your favorite models in more efficient versions.

Hybrid and EV models available include:

  • Camry
  • Avalon
  • RAV4
  • Highlander
  • Prius (c, plug-in, and v)

Why should you make a hybrid your next vehicle? Recently Toyota made a list of the top reasons why you should make the switch to hybrid.

  • Save Gas. This is a no brainer. Hybrid and EV vehicles are much more efficient.
  • Help others breathe a little easier. By driving a plug-in or hybrid vehicle, you are saving precious oxygen. The Prius lineup alone has saved 26.5 million tons of carbon-dioxide emissions.
  • Put more money in your pocket. Because of your increased efficiency, you are saving money every time you go to fill up!

If you would like to know more about the benefits of switching to a hybrid or EV vehicle, stop by our dealership and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members!

Toyota Takes the Number One Spot!

Toyota Takes the Number One Spot!

2014 Toyota Camry

July fared well for the Toyota brand as it set records and boosted sales. Together Toyota, Lexus, and Scion saw an increase of 7.3% in year-over-year sales selling 215,802 units throughout the month. Toyota alone sold 188,496 units which was a 6.4% increase in year-over-year sales. Several Toyota models saw big gains in July bringing the brand great success.

One winner for July was the Toyota Camry which also happens to be Toyota’s most popular vehicle. This car was sold almost 40,000 times throughout the month and posted a 15% increase in sales. Another winner was the redesigned Corolla which was sold just under 31,000 times. This model experienced a 26% sales increase.

Toyota Take the Number One Spot!

2014 Toyota RAV4

Other popular models throughout the month include the Prius, light-duty trucks, and Honda’s SUV lineup. The RAV4 fared well up 37% which was the model’s best month ever. The 4Runner also posted a great month with an outstanding 64.5% gain.

If you would like to know more about any of the Toyotas listed above, stop by Price Toyota in New Castle, Delaware. The team here at Price would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect new vehicle for you and your family.

Toyota TRD Pro Series Unites Dependability and Thrills in Three Unique Vehicles

The folks at Toyota brand have never really hung their hat on making the most luxurious cars on the road—they leave that to their upscale siblings at Lexus. The Toyota minds have always been more interested in creating the most durable, dependable cars and trucks on the road—which makes the all-new TRD Pro Series make even more sense. The TRD Pro Series lends all that reliability to the thrill of the off-roading experience, including special off-road-specific versions of the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra. (TRD stands for Toyota Racing Division, by the way).

Toyota TRD Pro Series

All three of these new Pro Series models come in “inferno orange” paint, a vibrant and distinctive color that should keep your Toyota off-roader visible no matter how dirty it gets out there in the wild. However, the star of the lineup is definitely the Pro Series 4Runner, which “thanks to a 1.5 inch lift—and additional inch of wheel travel…can not only climb obstacles; it can absolutely crush them.” That’s according to a report from Digital Trends, a report practically drooling over the Pro Series and the 4Runner in particular.

Check out the report and then make sure to write a note to yourself to check back with us here at Price Toyota for more info about the TRD Pro Series soon. After all, it’s a limited time opportunity—the Pro Series will likely have a rather limited production run, at least in its first year. However, if we know Toyota, we’d bet these babies will be pretty popular; Toyota durability and the thrill of off-roading—a perfect marriage.

An Updated Sienna Coming Soon

updated Sienna

2014 Toyota Sienna – Available now at Price Toyota

The Sienna minivan makes for a perfect family vehicle, and you’re sure to fall more in love with it when you see what’s in-store for 2015. The Sienna is getting a complete redesign which includes a refreshed exterior and a more tech-savvy and personalized interior.

The exterior upgrades include: a redesigned front grille, restyled taillights, a stiffened chassis for better support, and new LED DRL and upgraded headlamps. Inside the new Sienna you will find a backup camera, multi-information display, a larger 6.1-inch audio screen, soft touch materials, available Blu-Ray DVD entertainment center, and an upgraded steering wheel. The Sienna will also feature “Driver Easy Speak” which uses a built-in microphone to amplify the driver’s voice to the passengers. “Driver Easy Speak” can help the driver communicate with passengers without raising their voice so everyone can hear.

Toyota hopes to regain much of the minivan segment with the Sienna’s redesign. The Sienna topped the sales charts in 2000 when it sold 1.37 million units. Do you think the Sienna will see a nice rise for the 2015 model year? Let us know in the comment section below!

Why do drivers everywhere love the Toyota Prius?


love the Toyota Prius

2014 Toyota Prius

Consumer Reports recently released a list of why its readers are in-love with the Toyota Prius. It’s more than just your everyday efficient vehicle. Along with saving you money at the pump, it offers interior spaciousness and great safety features which are two things that other vehicles in its segment lack.

Here is why drivers everywhere are switching to the Toyota Prius:

  • Fuel Economy – As we mentioned earlier, this car is great on gas. It gets an EPA-estimated 44 mpg combined.
  • Less expensive to own – The Prius is efficient as we already know, but it also is one of the least expensive when it comes to insurance costs and repairs. Owning a Prius will definitely save you in the future.
  • Long-lasting – The Prius is equipped with great technologies to help it outlast the competition. Even after hundreds of thousands of miles, you can expect your Prius to be in tip-to-shape mechanically.
  • Easy maintenance – The Prius’ mechanics are pretty straight forward. Many will find that they can easily work on the car at home.
  • The Prius is available with plenty of options – Looking for something more efficient than the standard Prius? Opt for the Prius Plug-In. Looking for something a little sportier? Check out the TRD accessories available.

The Toyota Prius is definitely a top-choice here at Price Toyota! Want to check out the Prius in-person? Stop by and see us in New Castle, Delaware.

Toyota’s Six-Month Sales

six-month sales

2014 Toyota Camry

Toyota has had a great 2014 so far! Overall, Toyota, Scion, and Lexus sold 201,714 units just last month which is an 11.9% increase from last June. Throughout the first half of the year, all brands have sold over 1.1 million units which is up 5.8% from the first half of last year.

All brands have done extremely well, but Toyota is the clear winner, selling 178,196 units in June and 1,026,918 units throughout the first half of the year. The Toyota Camry and Corolla lead the way in car sales. The Camry was up 13% in June (compared to June 2013), and 7% during the first half of the year. The Corolla, another top seller across the U.S. was up 17% in year-over-year sales.

Bill Fay, Toyota division group VP and general manager is optimistic about the sales gains experienced by Toyota and across the rest of the industry. “Sales in the first half of 2014 indicate a steadily recovering industry, and we expect this pace to increase as we move into the second part of the year.”

We are proud to be a part of the winning Toyota team! Stop by our dealership to check out Toyota’s entire lineup.

Scion xD Brings Functionality and Style

Functionality and Style

2014 Scion xD Available at Price Toyota

Do you love the thought of having a utility vehicle? Do you like SUVs, but prefer something a little smaller? The Scion xD may be just the right car for you! For the 2014 model year, the xD promises more functionality and style than ever before.

First, the xD has been upgraded with a MacPherson® strut font-suspension and a compact torsion beam rear suspension for a smoother, more comfortable ride. The xD is known for its efficiency as it boasts a 27 mpg city / 33 mpg highway* EPA rating. Inside the xD you will enjoy up to 35.7 cubic feet of space for cargo when the seats are laid flat. That’s plenty of room for your luggage!

The exterior of the xD features some improvements! Some styling features include a rectangular lower and upper front grille, 16-inch wheels, halogen headlamps, built-in turn LED turn signals, and a chrome tip exhaust. Drivers also have their choice of seven different color schemes including two-tone combinations.

If you would like to know more about the 2014 Scion xD, stop by our dealership in New Castle, Delaware! The team here at Price Toyota would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Toyota Donates over $86,000

Toyota DonatesOn April 28th, disaster struck Northeast Mississippi as a tornado ripped through the state devastating anything in its way. Naturally, Toyota asked how they could help those in need during this terrible time. Over the course of many weeks, Toyota donated tens of thousands of dollars as well as hundreds of volunteer hours both dedicated to clean-up efforts and helping those in need.

The money donated was split between several organizations and relief efforts. $35,000 was given to responding volunteer organizations. $20,000 was a straight donation from Toyota to the American Red Cross and Toyota team members rallied to raise $15,000 between individual donations and Toyota’s dollar for dollar match program. Toyota Mississippi’s VP, Sean Suggs, said “We are very proud of our team members for their outpouring of support and generosity following the tornado this spring. Our team members genuinely care about the welfare of others, and I am humbled to work beside each of them.”

Here at Price Toyota, we are proud to be a team that is dedicated to helping those in need. If you would like to know more about Toyota’s involvement in the relief effort, swing by Toyota’s Newsroom.

The Camry Remains a Best Seller

Camry remains a best seller

2014 Toyota Camry

Did you know that the Toyota Camry was sold to almost 50,000 customers during the month of May? That equals a new Camry being sold every minute throughout the entire month! Now that is truly amazing!

Bob Carter, VP of automotive operations for Toyota Motor Sales, USA says that he isn’t surprised that the Camry remains on top. Drivers across the country enjoy the reliability, safety, and long-term value that the Camry has to offer. “It’s America’s best-selling car, but more important is the one Camry in the customer’s driveway. The one Camry that gets you and your family to work, school, vacation, the Camry that works in a business enterprise, the one Camry you trust to be reliable and keep your family safe,” Carter stated.

Camry remains a best seller
Long-term value is important to consumers as they want a vehicle that is going to last for a long time. Toyota is proud to say that of the over 10.3 million Camrys sold in the past 31 years, 6.7 million are still on the road.

Here at Price Toyota, we are proud to carry the best-selling car in America. The Camry has a rich history of being one of the most dependable, reliable vehicles on the market which is definitely something to be proud of.

Toyota Gets Greener!

Toyota Gets GreenerJust when you thought things couldn’t get more efficient, Toyota takes things to the next level! Toyota has found a way to crank out 10 more miles for every gallon used in new hybrid models. They have achieved this by use of new silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors for use in power control units (PCU).

These new PCUs using silicon carbide compound give your Toyota hybrid the ability to use less electricity which improves efficiency when passing current between the hybrid battery and its electric motor. To put it simply, vehicles containing the new PCUs will achieve better efficiency by using less electricity.

It will be a while before we see these new PCUs featuring SiC power semiconductors in cars here in the US, but testing will begin soon overseas in Japan later this year. Toyota is hoping to have this new technology readily available by 2020. By then, we’re sure that the company will make advancements in current technology and other key efficiency factors.